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3 Key Marketing Questions You Need To Answer

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Welcome to OMD TV the place to be to grow and scale your practice.

Have you watched the classic movie with Kevin Costner called Field of Dreams? It’s about building a baseball stadium in the middle of nowhere. He has this famous saying that “If you build it, they will come.”

That line may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character, and the movie is great, but it sends a bad message that people will come simply because something has been built.

Unfortunately, too many people in business have taken the concept a little too literally and have decided to run their businesses that way, not taking into account very important structural business needs.

They think that if they build the best product or service, the world will just find it, and they will end up with a line of prospective patients knocking down their door.

There are still far too many doctors and surgeons believing that you can simply build a practice and the patients will just come, as if a clinical practice just magically markets itself.

The biggest problem facing clinic owners, or entrepreneurs, is getting their potential future patients or clients to discover that they even exist.

Every year, tens of thousands of businesses start and fail because entrepreneurs don’t understand this essential skill: the art and science of getting prospective traffic.

Waiting for people to come to you is not a strategy. But understanding exactly who your dream target patient is, discovering where they’re hanging out, and throwing out hooks that will grab their attention to pull them into your sales funnels is the correct strategy.  And how you accomplish that, it doesn’t have to be a big secret.

As I just mentioned; there are 3 main foundational questions that you need to be able to answer to better accelerate your practice’s marketing efforts;

  • Question 1: Who is your dream patient?
  • Question 2: Where are they hanging out?
  • Question 3: How can we get them into your clinic?

When you have the perfect vision of who your dream patient or client is, it becomes easy to find where they are congregating.

On the other hand, if you don’t have perfect clarity on who that person is, it’s really hard to find them.

You need to be “obsessed” with your target audience. And what do I mean by “obsessed”?

Being obsessed with your patient means understanding them just as well, if not better, than they understand themselves.

You need to be laser focused with your target market; it isn’t just everyone or just woman. Is it 30–45 year-old mothers with kids, retired seniors, or young women in their 20s who love to do selfies and post pictures of themselves on Instagram?

Why do we get this laser focused? Because it will be easier for you to identify and understand each specific group’s unique problems, frustrations, pain points, preferences, desires, and even the language that they use, better than anyone else and for tailoring your marketing message to them.

If you want to understand who your dream patients are and where they are hanging out o, you need to be able to enter the conversation that is already taking place inside their head, and see the world how they see it.

Once you identify your target audience’s detailed persona, including their pains and desires in detail, what you need to do next is to figure out where they are spending their time online and offline for sending them targeted messages.

In order to find out where these ideal dream patients are hanging out, here are some questions that you should be asking yourself;

  • What are the top websites that my dream patients visit?
  • What forums or message boards do they participate in?
  • What magazines do they flip through?
  • What Facebook groups are they engaged in?
  • Who are the influencers that they follow on Facebook and Instagram?
  • What podcasts do they listen to?
  • What are the email newsletters that they are subscribing to?
  • What blogs do they read?
  • What channels are they following on YouTube?
  • What keywords are they using in Google searches to find information?

Answering these questions will help you to start identifying where your dream patient personas are residing. Once you know where they’re hanging out online, it’s pretty easy to put out your targeted messages to them, getting your necessary hooks into them, for pulling them into your sales funnels.

Now, if you aren’t confident about your hooks, or how well you’re drawing people in, and you want to learn more about how to drive more of your ideal patients into your sales funnel using targeted messages and hooks, I suggest that you attend our webinar called 3 Must-Use Strategies to Generate More New Patients and Referrals on Autopilot.

Spending one quick hour with me in that webinar will help you to master the fine art of driving more traffic to your clinic, and ensure that you are successfully generating all of the business traffic that you can, instead of just hoping that they will just show up, simply because you built it.

I’ll leave the link to the webinar in the show notes below, so that you can sign up for it there.

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in our webinar soon.

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