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How To Choose Your Niche & Be The Celebrity Authority of Your Category

Video Transcript

Do you know the most valuable currency in the world is attention? More eyeballs on you, more traffic, more enquiries and more sales? 

I just tried to grab a little bit of your attention right there in the introduction to this video, and I’ll show you the rest of my dance that I made especially for you at the end of this video. Stick around, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! 

But first…It has never been easier to reach your dream prospect. But, it’s never been harder to get, keep and leverage their attention. 

That’s why all these celebrities in different areas of our lives try very hard (sometimes to the extreme) to get our attention. 

Now…your goal is not to be a real celebrity like Kim Kardashian, I am not talking about that kind of celebrity. I am talking about the celebrity authority in your niche, within your category, not mainstream celebrity. Although… if that’s what you want, go for it. 

When you are an expert, people know of you. 

But when you are the celebrity authority in your niche, you are the go-to person. 

You see the differences in those 3 categories (Me Too, Me Better and Me Only)? 

A category king or queen is the go-to person that people seek for advice or help, when the market has become so crowd and saturated. 

When you are an expert, people call you and they want to do business with you. 

But when you are celebrity authority, people are happy even if they just get to meet you. 

Do you see the distinction? They are happy that they have FINALLY gotten to you, and they will pay whatever you ask to be treated by you. 

When you have that sort of power, from their perspective, you are the celebrity authority. 

If you are celebrity authority, prospective patients and money finds you. You will never be out of money. 

Do you want that? 

Do you want to completely own and dominate your category or niche? 

One time, I met a coach at a conference, and I asked him…what are you working on now? 

He said…”I am a success coach, I help people become more successful.” 

Oh ok, interesting…And what area do you specialise in? 

He said…”Any area! I help people with finance, business, relationship, weight loss, if they have confidence issues, I will help them boost that too. 

Do you find this answer familiar? 

It’s so broad and wide and I just don’t get it. 

If you do that sort of marketing, people will think that you are a “Jack of all trades” – and a master of none. 

People want to buy from a specialist, not a generalist.  

Are you with me on this?  


Imagine you go to see a dentist, and he suddenly says that…  

Hmmm.. you seem to have an uneven bump on your nose, you know I can get you some filler to even it out.,” And then later they said ..”Um, look at the way you sit, I think you may have a back problem. After this, why don’t you turn around and let me crack your back?” 

What are you going to do, you run right? 

But somehow it is still happening in many businesses today. 

I can fix any appearance problems….… eyes , nose, breast, tummy, hip …from toes right to the top of your head….you name it… whatever you want! Does that sound familiar to any plastic surgeons? 

I like niches, if you play in the field where there is too much competition, then everything will be driven by price, bringing down your profit margin.  

But if you stay in your own lane, the king or queen of your niche, the marketing cost will become lower over time, and your margins will be higher and you can scale more easily.  

So how do you become a go-to expert? 

You need to focus on your positioning, and your message consistency with your target audience. 

You need to deliver a consistent clear message to one group of people ONLY.  

When you cater your content and message to one group of people, it will be more relevant and capture your target audience’s attention better than just some general message. 

And educate them! Entertain them, so they will like and trust you and buy from you without any consideration. 

If you want to target your audience effectively, you need to articulate who you want to talk to. 

You need to be laser focused on it; is it mothers with kids from 30 to 45 years old or retired seniors or young 20s girls who love to do selfies and post pics of themselves on Instagram? 

Why?  Because you will come to understand their problems, frustrations, paint points, what they are looking for, their desires and even the language they use better than anyone else.  

They will feel like you are one of them, that you understand them, and that’s how you can connect with them, opening their hearts and their wallets. 

And now some of you will question… But I have different services and procedures that I offer, how am to focus on one thing, or one group of audience? 

You can always offer other services or solutions, but when it comes to your outbound messaging and the content that you push out, it should only serve that target audience. Your goal is to be the go-to doctor for that group of audience. (And then you can provide a whole list of services to that market once they connected with you) or just keep doing one type of procedure or service that you are best at. 


“Your Wealth is in Direct Proportion With How Well You Know Your Market”please write this down. 

“The Riches in The Niche” 

You need to be super crystal clear… who do you serve? 

Focus on something you are best at, right now. Choosing a niche doesn’t mean choosing one forever, it simply means focusing something that you are best at, and have a great passion for… right NOW. 

You can always switch later but focusing on a niche is important at all times. 

And here is the rest of the dance that I promised to show you at the beginning of this video…the song lyrics don’t have anything to do with our video topic today except for the opening words “Everyone wants to be like me” so enjoy! 

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And here is the rest of the dance that I promised to show you at the beginning of this video…the song lyrics don’t have anything to do with our video topic today except for the opening words “Everyone wants to be like me” so enjoy! 

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