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Listen to our latest podcast episode: #64: How to Sell Like a Doctor?

How to Sell Like a Doctor?

Video Transcript

Huyen: Hi Doctor… I’ve got this issue with my back…

Steve: Of course, you need more bed rest, and aggressive chiropractic treatment regime and you should begin taking these multiple daily medications. You’ll feel better soon.

Steve – Welcome to OMD TV & Podcast show – the place to be to grow and scale your practice.

In the medical profession, a prescription without a diagnosis is malpractice. But in a sales environment, what I see far too often is prospects given sales pitches without getting a proper diagnosis.

What this results in, is a lack of being able to sell anybody, or selling the wrong fit to the wrong type of people for what it is that your services provide.

Huyen – Think about how this works in a doctor’s environment; you might go in and see a doctor and they typically start off with “So tell me what’s brought you in here today?”, and they pull out their pen and paper and they start to take notes.

If you saw a doctor and before you even said anything to them, they just wrote you a prescription like… “Yeah, you need antibiotics, here you go, take them!”, you are going to be like “Whoa, like what the hell is going on here?”.

But in a sales environment, we’ve noticed people don’t have the same approach to information gathering or prospects expecting us to show them the solutions or the price without knowing their problems even before understanding if they are the right fit or not for your practice.

Steve – Instead what you want to do is take a more medical approach, and ask your prospects more probing questions like… “Okay, tell me what motivated you to call us today?”.

And you want to perform a really good diagnosis of this prospect, where you spend the majority of your call in this diagnosis state.

In this stage, 80% of the time is just asking deeper probing questions, such as;

“What motivated you to come in here today?”,  “What other goals do you have?”, “What is the problem that you’re trying to solve with your health right now that you need help with?”, “What have you done to get this fixed in the past?”, “What are you currently doing?”.   “How much savings do they have for this? “Do they need financial assistance?”

This extensive investigation will help you to determine what are the best services you have for their actual needs, and write them a more effective prescription.

Huyen – The most powerful element to this diagnosis process, is that once you start to speak about your products or services to your prospect, it will feel incredibly tailored and customized specifically to their unique problems and circumstances that they are experiencing.

You can keep going back and framing your solutions around their problems that they’re trying to solve right now, and their goals and how it fits with getting them to where they want to go.

Basically, we can’t stress this enough, you really want to sell like a doctor. Do a really thorough diagnosis before ever prescribing anything to your prospects and you will have incredible success.

Steve – But also, if you get to the end of this diagnosis, and from what the prospect has been telling you, you just don’t think that what you’ve got is going to be a great fit or is going to help them get to their desired end outcome, then you’ve got great clarity on the situation and what you can offer to do next.

If people are not a good fit for your services, even if they want to buy from you, do not sell to them because it will most likely just come back and bite you further down the track. Plus, it’s a disservice, and it’s bad for your reputation and not a great way to conduct business.

Huyen – You just need to deliver your message straight and say “Look, based on everything that you’ve told me, it doesn’t sound like we would be a good fit to get you to where you want to go, so I would suggest you look elsewhere. We just want to do what’s right by you and I don’t feel like this is going to get you to where you want to be.”.

This will build an incredible amount of trust and goodwill with that person, which could get paid back down the road with referrals to you from that prospect.

Steve – We cover our comprehensive sales training process for your team, showing you how build an effect sales process, how to address all sort of different objections, and even how to qualify prospects before they come and see you in our special sales guide called “7 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Guide For Clinics”. We have both electronic and audio versions for you so check it out and apply what you will learn and you will see the new patient conversion rate improve immediately after you start applying it. So check it out!

Thank you for listening and bye for now.

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