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How To Deal With “I Need To Think About It” Objection From Prospective Patients

Video Transcript

Steve: So the total cost of this procedure, including hospital and surgeon fees for a non-insured patient, is $12,500.

Huyen: Umm, that sounds good, let me think about it and get back to you!

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How many times have you heard that reply from your prospects? I guessing fairly frequently.

No matter what services you’re selling, this objection is typically going to be one of the most dominant objections that keeps coming up, especially if you are dealing with self-referring patients and you are selling high-valued procedures.  But being able to handle this objection well, will help you improve your new patient conversion rate dramatically.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to handle this objection quite easily. It will be an essential part of your team’s new patient enquiry handling process, so I suggest that you pass on this video to the person who takes charge of this for your practice.

What I’m about to show you is how to handle “I need to think about it” objections. How to isolate and handle them, so that you can move onto the next step in your selling cycle.

First off, the “I need to think about it.” objection, isn’t a real objection. It’s actually a fake objection masquerading as a real objection.

If someone needs to think about it, what they’re really telling you is that they aren’t clear, or that there hasn’t been enough value built-up for them so that they are ready to invest.

Before we get into the specifics of how to deal with this objection, something that I want to remind you of, is that a transaction takes place only when value exceeds price.

When someone is having a problem with the price, that is because you haven’t established enough value for them yet.

That’s why in our sales training with other medical and healthcare practices, we typically advise them to never tell a prospect the price of an item until the full value has been established.

Without establishing its full value, regardless of the price that you tell them, they are going to think “That’s expensive!”, or probably use the “I need to think about it” excuse to not go ahead.

Because the reality for most situations like this is that this objection is referring back to the price. So, typically when someone says to you, “Yeah that’s sounds good, I just need to think about it.”, this is how you want to deal with it.

You: “Sure, no problems. What part of this do you need to think about? Is it the money?”

You want to pair these two things together, because in most instances it’s always the money that they need to think more about. At this point we’ll know it is actually a money objection that we need to address, not this fake “I need to think about” objection.

So you can say: 

Ok, is there any other reason, that this wouldn’t make sense for you other than the money? So, if we can make the money make sense, we’re good and we can go ahead and get this done?”

Prospect: “Yes, it’s just the money.”

You: “No problem. Let me go over this with you one more time because I obviously haven’t explained the value very well, I apologize. So, what you are going to get is …”

And then you lay out everything that they’re going to get, and establish all of the value that you will be providing to them, as well as payment plan solutions that you may have.

We explained in detail how to deal with the money objection in a previous video, so if you haven’t watched it yet, please check it out.

Because your prospect needing to think about it isn’t a real objection, we want to push through that fake objection to find out what their silent -most likely money – objection actually is. This allows us to step back and figure out what exactly is going on in their mind.

But if they say that isn’t price, and they really do just want to “think about it”.  Here’s how we can handle that scenario…

You: “And that’s great, look no problems. Most people do need to think about it before they make a final decision. Let me ask you a question, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being that you wouldn’t go ahead no matter what I offered you and 10 being that you’re ready to go right now… where are you sitting?”

With this conversation we are trying to identify what the real silent objection is that our prospect is keeping from us.   We want to bring that hidden objection into the spotlight so that we can address it.  If you wanted to try a different strategy, you could use…

You: “Look, no problems. I get that and I want to make sure that this is going to be a great fit for you. Can I ask you this, what haven’t we discussed that you still need to think about? I’m right here, right now, to help you make an empowered and an informed decision. What haven’t we covered or what questions or concerns do you still have that are unanswered? Let’s address them right now.”

And then you can move forward and hopefully address all of those objections holding them back.

To recap, the “I need to think about it” objection, is a false objection; it doesn’t exist.

There’s always a real underlying objection that is behind someone saying that, and it is masquerading as a real objection.

You will want to shatter those false objections, and find out what the real objection is. And then you want to isolate and handle that real objection so that you can keep the ball moving closer to the desired outcome that you want with this prospect.

We provide comprehensive sales training for your team, showing you how to address all sorts of different objections and how to qualify prospects before they come and see you, in our special sales guide called the “7 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Guide For Clinics”.  We have both electronic and audio versions for you, so check it out and apply what you will learn, and you will see your patient conversion rate improve immediately. So check it out!

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