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Sales Funnel – Marketing Automation For Healthcare Professionals

Spending money on a website that doesn’t help you sell is like setting fire to a pile of $50 notes. But you already knew that, right? The question is how do you make a website deliver results for your business? You could try and figure it all out yourself – as if you have the time to come up with a workable strategy – in between, patient care, emails, phone calls, customer support and everything else involved in running your practice. Good luck with that!

What you ideally need is a reliable online marketing expert – available on demand – who could recommend specific solutions to attract and convert prospects and then put those recommendations into practice. That’s where we come in.

Online Marketing for Doctors can create custom websites that do more than look great …they’re designed to sell.: Because at Online Marketing For Doctors we don’t just create stunning websites, we create …

sales funnel for doctors

sales funnel for medical practices

Custom Website Sales Funnels

So, naturally your question is …What is a sales funnel and why is it the missing link to growing my medical practice?

A website sales funnel is a marketing tool that helps you drive prospects from one step to another in a consistent, systematic way, until that prospect makes a purchase decision and goes from being a prospect to a customer.

With a website sales funnel, there’s no lead leakage. Your prospect is “funneled” to a buying decision automatically. Meanwhile you get back to running your practice instead of baby-sitting your website.

An ideal web funnel setup would include traffic generation, lead generation and an automated lead follow-up.

Without a website sales funnel, your business has limited options for growth:

  • Lead generation will be sporadic at best and unpredictable.
  • Traffic will be lower quality and significantly lower volume overall.
  • For leads that do come in, you’ll have to invest more time into following-up manually, and more time into educating them on your offer.
  • Fewer leads will convert in total because your site will not be optimised to focus on the client’s needs.

An ideal web funnel setup will include traffic generation, lead generation and an automated lead follow-up process.

sales funnel for healthcare

sales funnel for doctors

The top ten benefits you’ll get from working with us:

  • We do all the hard work for you. We use proven best practices in our sales copywriting and design.
  • We’re focused on getting you results. We know that our business only grows if we help our clients grow their bottom-line.
  • An assurance of unmatched quality. We are systematic in how we double check our work before we share it with you. To be doubly sure we recheck everything before launch.
  • Australian based Project Manager and team members. There is no need to worry about communication or time-zone issues when it comes to getting your project done.
  • We know what works because we test it. Peace of mind comes from working with marketing professionals who practice what they preach in their own business.
  • It pays for itself. Our service consistently pays you dividends and ultimately costs you nothing because it generates patients and revenue for your business.
  • Generate more qualified leads. Our sales funnel solutions are designed to get you higher quality leads. That means you can spend less time selling, and more time closing.
  • Be seen as an authority. Our sales funnel solutions provide a polished, client-focused experience that positions your medical practice as the market leader.
  • Save time following-up. With automated follow-up emails (which are included in our two top packages) pre-sold leads come to you.
  • Collaborative project experience. You will always know exactly where your project is at and you can rely upon us to deliver on-time and within budget- we’ve built our reputation on this.

This is what we’ve been doing for over five years. And after launching hundreds of client projects, we’re only getting better at it.

Sounds terrific! How much will it cost me to work with the best

We wish it was that simple! Our services start at about $2,500 for a basic sales funnel.

We do our best to work within your budget. Make no mistake -we want your business. But expecting a website that functions just like for $2,500 is not realistic. We work with Practices that understand the value of working with professionals who deliver quality work, and quality work takes time.

Admittedly working with experts can appear expensive, but not as expensive as working with Joe Blow, who quotes an upfront low price. (You know him… he’s the one who takes your money and either doesn’t finish the project or only delivers an inferior result, leaving you to hire someone else to get it done properly.)
You deserve to engage with people that have your best interests at heart, and who want to deliver a quality service in a reasonable time. You deserve to work with Online Marketing for Doctors.

Are you ready to experience our Sales Funnel service?

For a customised Sales Funnel (Marketing Automation) quote that is based on your specific needs, please contact us.

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