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How Much Is It For SEO Investment?

How much can you expect to pay for an effective online marketing campaign designed specifically to promote your medical practice? A marketing campaign that will bring your practice twice as many patients in the next 12 months?

If we told you that your initial investment will pay for itself multiple times, would you take it? Well, you would probably say “Why not?” because this obviously is a good investment. The good news is… that you have found the right place to invest your hard-own money.

While we want to dedicate our specialist team to be fully involved and create successful campaigns for you like the one above, we need a certain level of commitment from you to make your campaign happen.

Therefore, our entry level package starts at an investment amount of $1550 + GST for SEO services and $995 + GST per month for online advertising and your time commitment of at least 6 months. Realistically, you need to allow 12 months to see the full results.

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Why do we ask for this?

First of all we are selling a legitimate service that delivers serious and proven results. To get the great benefit of these results takes at least 6 months.

Don’t take our word for it – Google “how long does SEO take to work?” You will find the first result is an article from renowned business magazine Forbes. It mentions a similar time frame. We want you to have a clear understanding of what, how and when we deliver results for you.

Secondly, we will be investing a significant amount of time setting up systems to deliver the best results. Our preparatory work includes;

  • Fixing up your website: Its look, feel, content and functions all will be tested, tweaked and redesigned if needed. We even design and build you a new website if we find it necessary to rebuild it rather than fixing it (if you are on our Premium Package).

This is a better solution sometimes as there are some websites that are past their use by date and trying to patch things here and there won’t deliver the necessary improvements to increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • Setting up and running a “High Performance” SEO campaign to boost your organic traffic and ranking visibility to gain organic leads through the website
  • Setting up Facebook or Google Advertising campaigns with special offers and well designed landing pages to give you instant traffic and leads flowing to your practice.

There are many more actions that we can take, depending on which package you choose.

Finally, if you are serious about making your business a success online, a starting budget of $1550 + GST a month for a campaign that brings regular patients through your door is a bargain.

What will you get from our services?

  • Your investment will pay for itself, multiple times. Just tell us how many new patients you need to pay for our services and we will deliver more
  • A dedicated team of online marketing specialists who specialise in medical online marketing and have rich experience in working in this industry with similar clients

Still have some questions?

Why don’t you schedule a Private Online Marketing Strategy Session with us today?
So we can show you how it works and give you a clear roadmap on how to double your number of patients in next 12 months?

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Nothing says more about the value of our work than the testimonies of our successful customers.

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