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***Attention Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons***


We help cosmetic and plastic surgeons generate new patients online through our proven
7 step marketing framework for less than the cost of an entry-level marketing employee.

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Then, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do you hate seeing your competitors outranking you on Google’s search results for the keywords that you deserve to be on considering your skills and experience?
  • Are you tired of trying different marketing tactics but none of them seem to really work or they cost you quite a lot of money?
  • Do you wish you had an expert prospecting team generating predictable, high-quality leads or patients for your practice at the cost of less than an entry-level marketing employee?

Did you answer ‘Yes!’ to any of these?

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plastic surgery marketing
“The number of requests for consultations has at least doubled in the last 5 months, which is a very good sign” – Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

We know the pain that comes with not having a solid lead generating system.

We believe that having the right system in place is the difference between a growing practice versus one that is struggling, and that is why we show clinic owners how to systemise their clinics’ marketing in order to scale and grow profits.

Growing a practice is very difficult, as there are many moving parts in a service based business, and you might struggle to leverage your time for setting up a marketing system that generates regular leads or patients.

We’ve spent over eight years developing a successful easy-to-implement framework to help you grow and scale faster; and we’d like to share it with you.

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“The number of requests for consultations has at least doubled in the last 5 months, which is a very good sign” – Dr Darryl Hodgkinson

plastic surgery marketing
“We found that we are spending almost one fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversions, which is great deal to achieve in a short period of time.” – Dr Mark Attalla From Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne

If so…

👉 Let’s get started by clicking on the link below and ordering your own customisable new patient generation blueprint for your clinic. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you some quick questions to see where you are with your current marketing performance and implement an audit afterwards.

We’ll tell you exactly why your current marketing is holding you back from the success that you deserve & outline a strategy and action plan for your next 6 to 12 months.


“We found that we are spending almost one fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversions, which is great deal to achieve in a short period of time.” – Dr Mark Attalla From Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne

What Results Can You Get?

Leading Search Marketing & Lead Generation Agency for Aesthetic Clinics.

Online Marketing For Doctors is a specialised digital marketing agency focused exclusively on providing a complete digital marketing system to connect aesthetic clinics with new prospective patients in their field.

Why work with us? Here are some of the simple reasons;

  • You Just Know That It Works
    Every single cosmetic clinic that works with us sees incredible results within 4 to 6 months * (see case studies below). We guarantee a return on investment multiple of 3.(*Results are different from clinic to clinic, we need to evaluate your current marketing situation first before giving you more precise projection)
  • Save You Time and Money
    With our proven system, you don’t need to go through trials and errors or reinventing the wheel.  We save you time and money by not experimenting on what doesn’t work. If it works for other clinics, it will work for you (if you are qualified to use our system)
  • Work With Specialists In Cosmetic Marketing
    Our focus is on delivering wow results for aesthetic clinics. Our team has years of experience in working with clients like you. You get to work with specialists not generalists. Plus, we thoroughly understand medical advertising guidelines & we’ve designed customised online marketing strategies for aesthetic clinics that conform to AHPRA, and are fully GDPR & HIPAA Compliant.
  • Your Success is Our Success
    Our reputation is closely tied to your campaign’s performance and it’s on the line. The Aesthetic Industry is small, everyone knows one another, if we don’t do a great job for you, then that’s the end of our business.
  • Fast & Responsive Support
    You will be treated as a VIP by our team. Whatever technical problems might be occurring, just email or even SMS us, and we are available to support you fast.
  • Thorough & Results Driven
    Our clients love our work at first sight, with a high attention to detail ensuring client satisfaction. Everything we do and report to you is all about the bottom line results.

Those qualities pretty much sum us up. If you like what you see, then we’d like to invite you to do the next step


Services We Offer

Clinics usually ask us, what do we offer?

We offer a complete lead generation system for aesthetic clinics, which can be broken down into different components as below. Keep in mind that in order for this to work, we need an overarching, high level strategy to guide all different activities of these channels & tie them all together so they work like a machine generating you new patients.

sales funnel


For the high value services that aesthetic clinics offer, we need a sales funnel to capture a prospect’s attention and information for nurturing them into a warm lead and paying patient.

High Performance SEO


Our signature 9 Step “High Performance” SEO could get you ranked for any keywords that you want at the top of search results. We rank our clients top of page 1 for mega competitive keywords such as “liposuction Melbourne”, “Tummy Tuck Sydney”, “Facelift Sydney”, to name but a few. When you make it easy for new patients to find you, you make it easy to grow your income.

Results-Oriented Pay Per Click Advertising


We drive more targeted prospects to your website via paid channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram by using highly converting keywords and a well- defined target audience and conversion driven landing pages.

Conversion Driven Web Design & Development


Unlike general graphic designers, our specialists design websites that captivate a users’ attention and converts more prospects into paying patients. We will fully design and optimise your website for desktop and mobile devices to turn visitors into paying patients while increasing your credibility, trust and authority.

social media


We make it easy for you to connect with your patients on social media. We use original engaging posts to provide value to your audience on topics related to cosmetic and plastic surgery services. These posts are developed and designed to build your reputation, educate your patients, attract new patients and increase the visibility of your practice online.

sales training


We will provide you and your staff with propriety sales training that we designed specifically for aesthetic clinics to convert more prospects into patients.

video marketing


We can help you build your brand’s authority and attract new patients using YouTube and Facebook Video Advertising. Each video marketing campaign would showcase a service that you offer and target it at potential targets you want to reach.



Online Marketing For Doctors will help keep your online reputation spotless. We make sure we stop problems before they even start; building trust, credibility, and your reputation as an expert in your field. Your online reputation can be a blessing or a curse, so make sure your investment in it continues to be a positive one.

If you are interested in our complete lead generation system or any of the particular services
mentioned above, or if you have a question, please click on the following button.


Successful Case Studies?

Dr Hodgkinson

Results after a 5 month campaign;


  • Organic SEO Traffic has gone up significantly by 113%
  • Conversion has increased by 95%


  • Increased paid search traffic by 65%
  • Lowered their cost per click by – 24.9 %
  • Increased number of clicks by52%
  • Increase in conversions by 73 %


The number of requests for consultations has at least doubled in the last 5 months, which is a very good sign. We’re very impressed with how much detail they put into the plan, how they projected what they might be able to achieve for us. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles. We look forward to the future as right now the present is very positive for us.”

Dr Naveen Somia

Results after a 12 month campaign;

  • A 109% increase in monthly web traffic to Dr Naveen Somia’s website.
  • 227% increase in leads
  • 115% increase in number of new patients
  • Top page 1 ranking for hyper-competitive keywords and national keywords: Eye bag surgery Sydney, Eye bag removal Sydney, Eye bag removal, Upper eyelid surgery, Lower eyelid surgery Sydney, eye lift surgery Sydney, Plastic Surgeon Bondi Junction, Plastic Surgery Bondi Junction, Cosmetic Surgery Bondi Junction

The detailed case study can be found here:


What I saw was the ranking slowly starting to climb and we were very happy with the way the rankings were going, especially for some of the keywords that I wanted to be on the first page of Google. That translated to a lot of visitors coming to my website, over the last 12 months they have increased our web traffic by over a 100% and also increased the conversions by a 100%. And so far, I'm happy with the progress that we have made. One nice thing about Huyen is that every time she had the option to go with the more expensive version, she always recommended the cheaper version with the view of adding value to me as the client, which is very reassuring and a lot different from what my experiences have been in the past.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne

Results after a 6 month campaign;

  • A 95% increase in monthly web traffic to Chelsea Cosmetics’ website.
  • 110% increase in leads
  • Reduced Google Ads cost to 1/4 of the previous budget
  • Top page 1 ranking for hyper-competitive keywords: liposuction Melbourne, coolsculpting Melbourne, Slim Liposuction Melbourne, Vaser Liposuction Melbourne, arms liposuction Melbourne, Breast liposuction Melbourne, Buttock augmentation Melbourne, ultherapy Melbourne, tummy tuck Melbourne, laser liposuction Melbourne, fat transfer to buttocks Melbourne


Online Marketing For Doctors have lowered our marketing budget and we’re getting much better conversion, which is a big difference between working with them and other SEOs. They didn’t change the whole website but they organized the website in a way which is easier for the clients to go through and I think that helped to improve the time clients spend on the website, which reflects on the ranking and reflects on the performance of the website. We found that we are spending almost one fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversion which is great deal to achieve in a short period of time.

3 FAQs

A little bird told us that you might have some questions and we’d like to address the most commonly asked questions from our clients so far.

It depends where you are at with your current online presence and the results of our evaluation of your current marketing performance.

If you don’t have a good website or sales process in place currently, we will have to fix that first, and that process could take a couple of months.

After launching a sales funnel specifically, you will see results within 2 weeks.

If you already have a good website and have done digital marketing for some time already; similar cases saw good results within the first 4 – 6 months, and much better results in 12 months.

Unlike other agencies who offer different package options for you to choose from, this is not the case with our proposals. Since we have a deep understanding about your industry and the problems you are facing, we have a clear idea about the level of investment and potential return on investment with our price proposal.

We will have to audit your current marketing performance and sales process first before we can tell you what your investment level and return on investment would be.

In order for us to see if our system and strategies work for your clinic or not, we will have to audit your current marketing performance and sales process.

After that we will project the timeline and outcome for your campaign.
If you are not the right candidate for our system, we will let you know so we don’t waste each other’s time.

Get started today by having your marketing performance audited and receive the customisable
blue print for your digital marketing success & receive $500 voucher from OMD.


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