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#20: How to Use Foot in The Door Offers to Get More Patients

How to Use Foot in The Door Offers to Get More Patients

“How to get more new patients” is one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from practices. Are you looking for some new techniques and tactics to acquire new patients?

Foot-in-the-door offers are a more sophisticated form of persuasion and a sales technique. The principle is this; start by asking for something small from someone, and if they comply with your first small request, they will be more likely to respond to your next bigger request. explains it this way: FITD works by first getting a small yes now and then getting an even better yes later.

In this podcast, we looked at the Foot-in-The-Door offer, examining;

  • Is This Strategy Right For You? [1:35]
  • Examples You Can Implement Today [1:41]
  • Avoiding Big Commitments For Your Prospects at the Beginning [2:46]
  • Are You Using This New Type Of Foot In The Door Offer? [4:08]
  • Filtering Out Time Wasters [5:05]

We put together for you 20 Ideas for Foot In the Door Offers to Attract New Patients, that you can download to use for yourself.

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Huyen Are you looking for some techniques and tactics to acquire new patients? Well, you are in the right place, because today’s episode is to show you some great ideas for generating more enquiries for your practice.

[Intro music]

Hello everyone and welcome to Online Marketing For Doctors Podcast channel, we’re your hosts, I’m Huyen Truong and this is Steven Tait (Hello!) and today we’re going to talk about how to Use FITD Offers to Get More Patients?

Steve “How to get more new patients” is one of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from the practices.

So what does foot in the door mean in healthcare marketing?

Foot-in-the-door is more sophisticated form of persuasion and a sales technique. The principle is this:  Start by asking someone for something small. If they comply with your first small request, they will be more likely to respond to your next and bigger request. explains it this way: FITD works by first getting a small yes and then getting an even better yes later.

Huyen We have to say in advance that this strategy is not for all types of practices though. This strategy is more for younger practices or practices who want to aggressively expand their marketing reach, focusing on growth. If your practice relies mainly on doctor referrals, this type of strategy might not be for you.

What are some examples of FITD offers?

One of the most common online examples is asking website visitors for their email address in exchange for something valuable that you offer on the website, and later practices can follow up with relevant content and ask them for a more significant action or request, for example booking an appointment with you. Giving one’s email address is compliance with a small request. Later, the marketer can ask for an appointment, the larger request.

Steven Another example is asking a user to read a blog article, leave a comment, share on social, attend a webinar, download a whitepaper, or request an ebook. Each of these is small, and it usually doesn’t cost any money.

Simply doing these little things, however, makes the user more likely to continue engaging with you — to something bigger and more costly – assuming their experience with the first smaller instance is positive.

Huyen Enquiring for your core services immediately sometimes can be a big commitment for prospects, which is a long hard decision depending on what your core service is, especially if it has something to do with their health or appearance.

If you can take a portion off of your core services and narrow it down and give them a mini commitment to that smaller portion of your core service, it will be a lot easier for them to commit.  And then once they have had a taste of your services, you can build trust and authority with them, and then you can go from there moving forward with your larger total service offers.

Steven  Need some more examples?

We compiled a list of 19 good FITD offers to give you some inspiration for your own marketing campaign.

Please go to and leave your email info and we will send you this list.

Huyen Your next question might be:

“What FITD Offers that Work?”

Well, you can check out the list of FITD that we compiled for you that we’ve put a link to in the show notes, these are all great offers that practices all around the world have used to get their prospective patients in the door.

From our experience, a webinar is a great FITD offer for healthcare professionals to warm up the cold traffic from the internet of prospects who don’t know or like you yet.  This is the incredible bridge that you can set up to introduce your prospective audience to your core services .

Through these webinars, prospects get to know more about you as a person and also get to know your knowledge and experience about a particular topic that they care about and are seeking help to resolve their paint points or problems. As a result, they will be more likely to trust you and engage with you, and enquire about your core services later.

Steven With a webinar, you can also address an audience’s objections (the reasons why they don’t go ahead with a treatment or consulting services) through your webinar presentation’s main content or its Q& A session.

This also helps filter out time wasters or people who are not ready for your core services as yet and save healthcare professionals a ton of time in lead generation process from not having to repeating themselves otherwise to each individual prospect personally.

Huyen Actually, we are in the process of launching an online course teaching healthcare professionals on “How to Use Webinars to Increase Patients and Referrals – Automate Your Marketing to Leverage Your Time and Scale Your Practice”

The course teaches you how to automate the way you generate new patients and referrals. Once the webinar is up and running… that’s it, there’s no more work required on your part for a while.  This is a brilliant way of systemising your marketing, keeping in consistent contact with your referral network, and leveraging your time, all while growing your practice. If you’d like to learn more about this course, check out the link below to hear from us when the course is released!

Steven Now, I’m sure you must be inspired and ready to try some of the FITD offers you’re heard about in this podcast. If you have any FITD offers that you have used and that have worked for you and your practice, it would be great to hear from you! Please enter your comments into the comment section below.

And if you wanted us to address any particular topic, please fill out a 1 min survey that we put a link to in the show notes so we can produce relevant podcasts for you. If you want to be our show guest, that would be even better! Email us and let us know what topics you would like to talk about on the show.  The details are also in the show notes.

Huyen – This is the first podcast channel in Australia about medical marketing and we aspire to make this channel a world-leading channel for the healthcare professional community.

There are many benefits of being on our show including but not limited to;

  • Exposure to our healthcare professional community including thousands of doctors, surgeons, specialists, dentists and other healthcare professionals
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The podcast will be a Q & A interview style format, and it would only take up to 30 mins of your time.

We can’t wait to have you on our show and we look forward to seeing you next time.



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