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#22: Increasing Patient Engagement Through an Online Booking Application With John Morgan

Dr. John Morgan, partner and veterinarian from the Gordon Vet Hospital joined the podcast to discuss the benefits they realized from implementing an online booking application.

In this podcast, we examine…

  • About John Morgan [0:51]
  • Adding An Online Booking Application To The Website [2:56]
  • How Bookings Were Previously Handled [3:50]
  • What Prompted The Decision To Change? [4:16]
  • How It Can Benefit Your Operations [4:50]
  • How It Can Benefit Your Customers [6:26]
  • Challenges With Implementing An Online Booking Application [7:29]
  • The One Key Factor That Can Improve Your Results [8:45]
  • Online Booking Applications And Improving Client Engagement [10:20]
  • Future Plans Utilizing Their Online Booking Application [11:10]
  • Key Success Criteria For Better Implementation [12:01]
  • Benefits Of Location Specific Marketing For Targeting New Customers [13:09]

Dr. John Morgan has gained a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge since graduating from Sydney University, including putting his emergency, dermatology and soft tissue surgery skills to work in Goulburn, NSW for a few years. He recently returned to Australia rejoining the Gordon Vet Hospital team after living in Canada for over two years. Gordon Vet Hospital is an independently owned hospital serving the community for more than 40 years, providing professional pet care as well as compassion and understanding to all animals and their owners.


Gordon Vet Hospital

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