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#41: Guest Podcast – How to Run a Successful Solo Practice with Dr Rob King

guest podcast 41 How to Run a Successful Solo Practice with Dr Rob King

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Information Explored in this Podcast:

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  • Get to Know Dr Rob King [1:23]
  • The Reasons for Becoming a Sole Practitioner [4:30]
  • The Rewards of Taking Risks [6:08]
  • Developing the Business Skills to Run Your Own Practice [7:14]
  • The Challenge and Solutions of Wearing Many Hats [10:52]
  • When to Close Your Books to New Patients? [13:52]
  • Developing Good Work Life Balance [14:49]
  • Recognizing Limitations [17:22]
  • The Automation Tools Helping to Run the Busines [18:44]
  • Success Criteria for Operating a Solo Practice [21:31]

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