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#28: 6 Sales Training Principles For Improving Your Sales Skills Without Sounding Salesy

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Thanks for downloading these show notes! If you’re using these to follow along with the podcast, you’ve come to the right place. In this latest podcast, “6 Sales Training Principles For Improving Your Sales Skills Without Sounding Salesy we are going to go through why practices need sales training and offer some ideas on how to excel at sales.  In it, we’ll cover;

  • Why you need to demonstrate the value of your product or services. [2:48]
  • The benefits of qualifying prospects over the phone before an initial consultation [3:35]
  • Your best sales person is your website… this is how you can improve it. [5:17]
  • Why you should never let your current appointment leave without booking their next appointment. [9:55]
  • What is the key characteristics of all good sales persons? [12:05]
  • Why your prospects are telling you ‘No’ and not booking. [13:20]

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