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#23: 7 Tips to Make Sure Leads Become Actual Patients

tips to make sure leads become patients

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In this podcast, we are going to cover;

  • A Special Freebie Just For Listening! [1:12]
  • The Biggest Factor In Coverting Leads [3:14]
  • What is the Cornerstone Of Any Relationship Based Transaction [5.39]
  • The 3 Keys to a Good Greeting [6:30]
  • How to Use Your Voice To Get More Power And Influence [7:07]
  • The Reasons For Establishing NBAT [8:06]
  • What is The Greatest Sales Skill [8:43]
  • Are You Identifying The 3 I’s [10:56]
  • Easy Techniques For Handling A Prospects Objections [11:51]
  • How To Get More Agreements [14:43]
  • One of the Best Closing Questions [15:21]

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Podcast #17: Top Tips on How To Improve Communications Between Doctors & Patients In Specialist Practices


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