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Listen to our latest podcast episode: #64: How to Sell Like a Doctor?

You might have heard about the recent changes to Facebook’s newsfeed and Google’s upcoming algorithm update.

I’d like to quickly walk you through what these major changes mean to your practices and what you should do next. I have created this 4 minute video to summarise the changes and actions for you to take accordingly to ensure you don’t lose precious ranking positions.

First of all, let’s talk about Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm update. As you know Facebook has been one of the major channels for a practice to reach and engage with their existing and prospective patients. However, organic reach on Facebook has plummeted in recent years, with brands seeing a huge drop following the recent update.

So perhaps you’re starting to wonder about the potential value of having more people like your Page, right? You may have invested good money for your Facebook fans/likes, and now you can’t reach as many of them. So that of course causes a huge concern for you.

And second, Google’s upcoming algorithm update might change some of your ranking positions, especially those with slower mobile website speeds.

How can you deal with these updates? Well, there are still strategies you can put in place to overcome these recent updates to ensure you are continuing to reach your target audience, and we’ve detailed 3 of these strategies for you in this 4 minute video.

By the way, here are a couple of speed testing tools for your website check;

Ping Testing Tool:
Google Testing Tool:

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, let us know.


Huyen Truong

The focus of this blog is on SEO and related internet marketing, with a specific concentration towards healthcare practices. My motto towards online marketing follows the KISS principle, that by keeping it simple can lead to incredible results.


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