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Helping Healthcare Professionals Who Are Overpaying For Their SEO With Our Comprehensive 6 Step SEO Audit Check

Order Your SEO Campaign Performance Audit Check Now for a Refundable $99

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Have you ever asked yourself

  • Is my SEO campaign working as well as it could be?
  • How is my SEO campaign performing compared to my closest competitors?
  • Does my SEO campaign really have what it takes to generate more traffic and leads to my practice?
  • How can I generate more leads through SEO & reduce relying on referrals?
  • Am I doing anything against Google’s guidelines?
  • What should I know about optimisation before building or upgrading my website?
  • What are any unfriendly search engine features on my existing website that are hindering my SEO performance?

You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s How It Works

We begin working before we even meet, by analysing your target market and checking out your SEO campaign as if we were a potential prospect.

Once we have a good snapshot of your business, we will give you an SEO campaign performance audit check so you can increase your visibility online and generate more visitors and potential patients to your website.

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Here is our 6 step audit check

  1. Review your SEO setup and content to identify why your website is not getting the right traffic and visibility in search engine results that it could be
  2. Review your website’s lead generation capability and identify the reasons why the SEO campaign is not generating as many leads as it should
  3. Review your SEO keywords to see if they are the right ones or if you are wasting any money on unrealistic keywords
  4. Review your history with Google to see if you have any algorithmic or manual penalties from Google
  5. Assess your business’s marketing positioning and your core differences compared to other competing organisations
  6. Review the general user experience on your SEO ranking pages based on best design practices

Here is our full list of deliverables

  • List of keywords that are wasting your money
  • SEO technical issues that are killing your budget and preventing you from reaching your target audience
  • On and off-page factors affecting your website’s rankings
  • Content issues that either targeted users or Google are not fond of
  • Critical conversion elements that are preventing targeted users from enquiring or choosing you over your competitors
  • Backlink reports identifying toxic links that could get your website into serious trouble with Google
  • Test results of your website’s loading speed and mobile friendliness on different browsers and devices


Gosh I have been so busy, with many new patients. So your work has really been a great success for me. Thank you!! I really appreciate that you are going the extra mile with my website. The bookings are up again, which is good news! Thank you once again for everything and for your terrific work.


The organic website traffic has increased by 265.76% compared the same time before we started SEO services and Online Marketing for Doctors has contributed over 30% source of our new patients every year. We are ranking in the top results for all the targeted local and national keywords. Thanks for ongoing help and guidance.” They are very responsive to our requests, honest and reliable, easy to work with. We are happy with the results we have got so far and would like to recommend Online Marketing for Doctors to any companies or medical practices who want to get found and grow their business online.

What Are The Possible Outcomes?

  • You will love the SEO campaign performance audit check that we provide you, and we can talk about working together. (Most common outcome) We will also deduct your $99 audit check fee against any new fees.
  • If you like the audit (you will love it) you are under no obligation to use us as your agency to implement the changes that result from it. If this is the case, we will wish you luck, and we are glad that we could help.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you don’t like the audit in any way we will refund you the deposit. No quibbles!

However… There Is a Small Catch

You must meet certain criteria. Here it is… 

  • You have to work within a healthcare related business. We only help people in this niche.
  • Your business must be over $500,000 in annual revenue.
  • You must be willing and open to change. We do charge a $99 completely refundable deposit if you are not satisfied with the audit check. We don’t care about your deposit; it is simply designed to filter out people that are NOT serious.
  • We review the audit with you face to face, or via Google Hang Out or Skype video. We will send you the audit document only after the review. We do not send audits ahead of a review call.

That’s it! Those are all of our requirements. You’ll get no pressure from us to become a client, because we let the value of our work speak for itself.

The bottom line is we’ll provide you with an amazing SEO campaign performance audit check, and we’ll even give it to you so you can deploy it. After that, you might want to become a client, or not. We won’t pressure you either way. Interested?

We Only Charge A Small Refundable Deposit of $99

Which of course leads you to wonder, why would you do all this work for just $99?

Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how we get our best clients. A good percentage of the people that do this audit check will end up asking us to help them out.

We tell you this because we don’t want any surprises. And rather than try to convince you how great it is, we’d rather just help you in advance by reviewing your current situation and give you a customised audit for your business. So that’s our “hidden motivation” for doing this.

STOP! If you are not working within a healthcare related business, or you do not want to make some major changes to grow your business… please do not click the button below. We unfortunately have to be selective on who we help. 

Sign Me Up For This SEO Performance Audit Check